Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Sum-Up

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have many incomplete posts, that I never sent in. Here is one of them that should have been sent in 2 months ago.

We have finally left Cartagena, and are now in the San Blas. We can’t use the internet anymore, and won’t be able to receive emails with photos, SO People Stop Sending Me Chain-Mail! These are the only emails I get anymore, “If you send this to 10 people and press shift five times then you will receive a hundred dollars in the mail! But, if you don’t then bad things will happen to you! I know you have got tons of emails like this, but this one really works!” yi yi yi……. I can’t send out that many emails anyways, and it is annoying to receive them. Oh no, I’m going to have bad luck for all eternity according to the email if I don’t answer it!

Moving along... The San Blas are really nice, and I can’t believe how clear the water is compared to Cartagena’s filth. The water here is a nice shade of turquoise that has the qualities of a crystal, clear and sparkly. I haven’t been swimming yet, but I plan on it soon. We will probably be getting our inflatable kayaks ready soon, so I can go to most the islands easily. Even though we are in the San Blas, the islands here have been named by visitors like us, because not many Kunas live here. The islands we are staying at now are far away and hard to get food to, so most Kunas don’t live here. Examples of a few of the names for the islands are, Bug Island and BBQ Island. The anchorages also have interesting names such as The Swimming Pool, and The Hot-Tub. So far we have managed to only buy one mola and 30 loaves of “Kuna bread”. I have only ate, about 12 loaves of Kuna Bread in 2 days! I like Kuna bread a lot even though the batch we got was a little stale.

I’m writing this paragraph a few days after I wrote the previous two, so I can cover more events with one update. Two days ago we spent a few hours creating a house/hut on a nearby island. The location we chose to make the hut was between of few palm trees and near the beach. We gathered old dry palm fronds to wedge between trees and weave between each other to make the walls, and pulled down low-lying branches then tied them together to make the ceiling. We pulled up old dry thick grass and placed it on the ground to make the floor. Even when we went to visit our hut after a storm our hut was dry and had little damage, so we must have built it fairly well. The only damage it suffered from the storms is that the palm fronds on the walls have sagged from the weight of the water, everything else is fine. The roof is made of living palm fronds so they won’t be blown off in the wind. We wanted to sleep there, but our parents wouldn’t let us stay the night, we only got to stay till 10

Yesterday we had a potluck and a fire where everyone in the anchorage comes. The potluck had lots of good food, and we got to roast marshmallows over the fire. Someone ate my marshmallows the day before, so I deserved them. My mom made brownies, and being the only dessert food there, they were eaten very fast.

Since then we have left the San Blas for the island of Providencia, traveled from Providencia to Guanaja, then Guanaja to where we are now, Roatan. Roatan has plenty of internet so I should of updated this sooner.

Friday, January 19, 2007

We are leaving on Saturday....

We are leaving on Saturday for the San Blas. We have stayed in Cartagena for a total of 4 months, 
even though we originally planed on staying 2 weeks. So once we leave there will be no more photo
updates, untill we leave the San Blas. I have been working on two posts for this blog as part of composition
and I might finish them soon. If anyone reads this, please email me as we can still recieve emails when we are in the San Blas.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sum-up of the last month....

I haven't been posting to this much because I checked and nobody has looked at it in the past two months. Oh well

We had a good Christmas and got very good presents, but I really missed snow. I know there isn't much snow even now, but at least it is cold there. Also I wish our Christmas tree was a tad above 1.ft, but I haven't even seen a pine tree for months anyway. Well we had a very good Christmas, and we are now back to doing schoolwork every day, actually I should probably be doing school now instead of typing this up... Oh well I feel like doing this instead. New years was great. Cartagena is one of Colombia's most prized cities so all the rich and famous people of Colombia come here for holidays. Since so many people come here for New Years, there is really really good fireworks. The fireworks were incredible! The only downside to the new years celebrations is that they continued to shoot fireworks off at 3:00 am for the next few days.

We also have been playing soccer allot while we are here. We have been playing soccer with Dutch, French, English, and American kids. The French kids left a while ago though, and the Dutch kids left today. Occasionally Colombian kids will play with us to, except they are incredible at soccer, and we don't stand much of a chance. Though playing soccer has eased my worry that I will be horrible at soccer when we get back. We have been playing nearly every day for a few months now. Our soccer ball is very durable, and has been used so much it has lost all its logos and colors. We gave a soccer balls to other kids for Christmas, but good ones are expensive here.

I can't think of much more to say, but please check here more often if you read this and I will be encouraged to read more.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

We are studying spanish a lot....

We have been taking Spanish lessons every week day for an hour each day. 
And studying in some of our free
time. We are getting better.

I have been sick for the past few days, even though I don't know what I was sick with. Nothing really interesting has happenend, and I am having troublt thinking of things to put here. Oh, Well

Friday, November 24, 2006


For those of you who actually read this occasionly, sorry for not posting more often. I have been lazy. Well yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner in the marina. There was a ton of great food, and plenty of people to eat it. There was dancing and live music, not typical of Thanksgiving, and the place was decorated for Christmas. It was really fun though anyway. I got in a miniature food fight at the end of the table. Once again, I am to lazy to wright much, so comment if you want me to wright more.Save as Draft

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween and Recently

Lots of boats have been coming in recently. We two boats anchor right next to us, and then move later, but that wasn't much of a problem. I don't think I talked about how the Halloween party went yet, so I will do that now. I dressed up as a headless guy, which I thought was pretty good, except my costume fell apart (a bit) halfway through the party. Heather was a old man, except she wore her mask backwards to fool people(second picture, 2nd from the right). My dad was a "Little Dingy"(1st picture background), and my mom was a flame. Their was a ton of dancing at the party, and it lasted a long time. Unfortunately, we didn't get much candy. I am kind of sleepy right now, so that is why I am not writing much descriptive content. If you are wondering why I am tired, it is because I woke up last night, twice during two different storms, and asked my parents if they would need my help during the little storm.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bad Weather on Halloween

This morning we had quite a storm. There was plenty of wind, and the boat in front of us dragged. Are dingy was hauled out of the water at the boats side, and we had to get it back into the water if we wanted to move the big boat. My dad went out into the rain and tried to lower it into the water, and I offered to help. So I stood out in the freezing painful rain and I was actually shivering, something I haven't done in a while. O yeah, there is a US Naval ship in here now, that makes us feel slightly safer. For Halloween we aren't doing much. We are having a party in the marina which will be nice, but we aren't going trick or treating. Colombia is #1 in kidnappings, and we don't think it would be wise to trick or treat at night here. We may get a few pumpkin seeds in terms of candy. I am being a headless person for Halloween, and Heather is being a Old Man, but she wears the cape and mask backwards to fool people, it really works!